David Battley

David Battley

DAVID BATTLEY d2003. British actor who specialised in comedy. TV roles included ; Sykes / The Good Life / Mr Bean / Alice in Wonderland / Monty Python and The Rutles with Paul McCartney. His film roles included ; Hotel Paradiso (1966) / Crossplot (1969) / Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory (1971) / Up the Chastity Belt (1972) / Rentadick (1972) / SOS Titanic (1979) / The London Connection (1979) and cult science fantasy Krull (1983) in which he played "Ergo the Magnificent". He died of a heart attack in London aged 67 on January 20th 2003

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David Battley

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A rare original 1983 autograph book page, clearly signed in ink "To Jonathon Best Wishes from David Battley.

An important autograph for Krull film collectors

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