Desi Arnaz

Desi Arnaz

DESI ARNAZ d1986. Cuban-born American actor, bandleader and film and television producer. He played Ricky Ricardo on the American television sitcom "I Love Lucy" in which he co-starred with his then-wife Lucille Ball. They are credited as the innovators of the syndicated re-run, which they pioneered with the series. They co-founded and ran the television production company (called Desilu Productions) originally to market I Love Lucy to television networks. After I Love Lucy ended, he went on to produce several other television series including ; The Ann Sothern Show and The Untouchables. He was also the bandleader of his Latin group, the Desi Arnaz Orchestra. He died in California aged 69 on December 2nd 1986

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Desi Arnaz

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An original vintage 1950s autograph book page, clearly signed and dedicated (To Louie) in ink by Desi Arnaz

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