Kid Thomas

Kid Thomas

KID THOMAS VALENTINE d1987. American jazz trumpeter and bandleader. In the early 1920s, he gained a reputation as a hot trumpet man. Starting in 1926 he led his own band, for decades based in the New Orleans suburb of Algiers Louisiana. The band was long popular with local dancers. He had perhaps the city's longest lasting old-style traditional jazz dance band. Unlike many other musicians, he was unaffected by the influence of Louis Armstrong and later developments of jazz, continuing to play in his distinctive hot, bluesy, sometimes percussive style known as "New Orleans Jazz". He was always open to playing the popular tunes of the day (even into the rock & roll era) as he thought any good dance bandleader should do, but he played everything in a style of a New Orleans dance hall of the early 1920s. He started attracting a wider following with his first recordings in the 1950s. His band played regularly at Preservation Hall from the 1960s through the 1980s. He died in New Orleans aged 91 on June 16th 1987

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Kid Thomas

Reference Number. 14184L


An original Jazzology JCE-13 "Sonnets From Algiers" 12in LP sleeve, clearly signed on the rear cover in ink by ; Kid Thomas Valentine d1987 (trumpet) / Emanual Paul d1988 (saxophone) / Jeanette Kimball d2001 (piano) / Worthia G Thomas d1994 (drums) and Emauel Sayles d1986 (banjo)

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Kid Thomas & Emanuel Paul

Reference Number. 14202AA


An original concert programme, clearly signed on the front cover in ballpoints by both Kid Thomas & Emanuel Paul

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Kid Thomas & Friends

Reference Number. 14202AAA


A desirable original vintage card, clearly signed in various inks by (23+) jazz musicians including ; Kid Thomas / Sweet Emma Barrett /  Bill Russell / Frank Powell / Raymond Burke / Preston Jackson / Louis Barbarin / Manuel Cursto / Kid Sheik / Emanuel Paul / Alfred Lewis / Frank Demond / Louis Nelson / Percy Humphrey / Willie Humphrey / James Grount / Marvin Kimball / Duke Dejan / Josiah Frazier / Jeanette Kimball / Stanley Williams / Raymond Burke / John Kid Simmons and several unknowns

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