Montrose Avenue

Montrose Avenue

THE MONTROSE AVENUE. British rock band active 1996-1999. The limited edition "She's Looking For Me" EP released in 1997, charted at No118 in the UK singles chart. This was then followed by their first mainstream single in March 1998, in which "Where Do I Stand" proved to be their only top 40 hit, charting at No38. "Shine" then followed up three months later, charting at No59 before their final single "Start Again" released in October charted at No58. Their only album, Thirty Days Out was released a week after the release of "Start Again" on 12th October 1998, before charting at No102 in the UK and at No69 in Japan. Despite establishing a cult following in the Far East, they never released another album only to disband in 1999

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The Montrose Avenue

Reference Number. 12484L


An original circa 1990s autograph book page, clearly signed in ink with additional notations and doodles by all five group members ; Robert Lindsey-Clark / Scott James / Paul Williams / James Taylor and Matt Everitt

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