The Omen (Damien)

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An extremely rare full set of signatures of all eight main cast members of the film on photo and autograph book pages ; Gregory Peck (Robert Thorn) d2003 / Lee Remick (Katherine Thorn) d1991 / David Warner (Keith Jennings) / Billie Whitelaw (Mrs Baylock) / Harvey Spencer Stephens (Damien Thorn) / Martin Benson (Father Spiletto) d2010 / Leo McKern (Carl Bugenhagen) d2002 and Patrick Troughton (Father Brennan) d1987. 

Double mounted for fine display with photographs.

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A wonderful and outstanding item of horror film memorabilia. Several of these individual autographs are sought-after and desirable in their own right ; Notably English actor Patrick Troughton famous for being the second actor to play Doctor Who in the late 1960s, who died of a heart-attack aged 67 in 1987 >> American actress Lee Remick who died aged just 55 from cancer in 1991 and well known major American actor Gregory Peck who died in 2003 aged 87.

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Certification:1) Patrick Troughton is from a letter dated 16th November 1982. (Text reads "Im afraid I have no photos as it was 12 years ago now but Ive put my autograph at the bottom of the page. All the best Patrick Troughton"). We will include a photocopy of the full letter and the handwritten envelope it was originally sent in to support the provenance. 2) Gregory Peck / Lee Remick and David Warner are from the outstanding & huge autograph collection of Jean Williams of Chelsea, all obtained in and around the London Theatres / London Hotels (The Dorchester / The Savoy) /  the BBC Riverside Studios and ITV TV Studios from the late 1950s into the mid 1970s. Including (amongst others) such notables as ; John Lennon / Marlon Brando / Steve McQueen / Sharon Tate / Lee Van Cleef / Ringo Starr and Natalie Wood. Most of the signatures in the collection are dedicated to her by the celebrity and then annotated and dated in her hand. Gregory Peck dated Savoy London 10th June 1960 > Lee Remick dated 2nd May 1970 > David Warner 13th November 1966. 3) Harvey Spencer Stephens is on a 12x8in sized photograph obtained in person by RB Autogramme of Berlin at their Weekend of Horrors Convention in 2009. (He has attractively added with his autograph, his character name Damien and 666). 4) Billie Whitelaw / Martin Benson and Leo McKern are from various autograph books Memorabilia UK have purchased over the years. AFTAL Dealer No13 and UACC RD Memorabilia UK COA.  
Size:25x23in >> Acid Free Mount >> Unframed
Condition:Good. View Images

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