Yellow Monkey

Yellow Monkey

THE YELLOW MONKEY. Japanese rock band originally active from 1988 to 2001 before officially disbanding in 2004. They announced their reformation in 2016. The Yellow Monkey is considered an important Japanese rock group having achieved major success in selling over 10 million records, including 6.2 million singles. The group has had three consecutive No1 albums / 18 Top10 singles and in 2003 were ranked No81 on HMV Japan's list of the 100 most important Japanese pop acts. Outside of Japan the band is best known for their song "Tactics" 

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The Yellow Monkeys

Reference Number. 12484J


An original late 1990s autograph book page, clearly signed in ballpoints by all four group members ; Kazuya / Hideaki / Yoichi and Eiji

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