Abd al-Naif

Abdul al-Naif

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An original vintage 1972 index card, clearly signed in ink by Abdul al-Naif


From the wonderful Michael Pinchbeck collection. This amazing collection consisted of over 2000+ music / entertainment / sport / politics & pioneers autographs on index cards / books / letters & photographs. All obtained in-person and through the post by him for 50+ years between the 1950s-1990s. The majority are dedicated to him and date stamped. As part of his archiving, there are numerous letters that help support the history and provenance of his lifetime dedication to the hobby of autograph collecting. Date notation is February 1972. AFTAL Dealer No13 and UACC RD Memorabilia UK COA   


9x6cm Index Card




About Abd al-Naif

Abd al-Naif

ABD ar-RAZZAQ SAID al-NAIF d1978. Iraqi military officer and general who was briefly Prime Minister of Iraq during 1968 until he was deposed. He was assassinated while visiting Britain on July 9th 1978 (by orders of Saddam Hussein) because of his opposition to the Iraqi Ba’ath Government. He was critically injured as he left the Intercontinental Hotel in London's Park Lane and died the following day aged 44. His killer, Salem Ahmed Hassan was quickly captured and was later convicted of the shooting at the Old Bailey and sentenced to life imprisonment in 1979. His body was transported to Jordan where he was buried at the orders of Jordan's King Hussein. As the evidence showed Iraqi Government involvement in Al-Naif's assassination, Britain cut off diplomatic relations with Iraq and ordered all Iraqi diplomats out of Britain


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