Animal Kwackers

Animal Kwackers

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An original circa 1976 autograph book page, clearly signed in ballpoints by all four characters ; Twang / Rory / Bongo and Boots


From the 1970's autograph book of TC whose father (Terry) worked at the Southport Theatre during the decade. Many of the autographs are dedicated to her. AFTAL Dealer No13 and UACC RD Memorabilia UK COA


9x7cm Sized Autograph Book Page


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About Animal Kwackers

Animal Kwackers

ANIMAL KWACKERS. A popular 1970's ITV children's television series. The Animal Kwackers were a four-piece pop band consisting of Rory (a lion) /  Twang (a monkey) / Bongo (a dog) and Boots (a tiger). The characters were played by actors in costumes. The show was similar in many ways to the successful United States of America (US) series Banana Splits. The music was a mixture of well-known pop songs and original songs - most of which (including the theme song) were written by Roy Apps and the producer Peter Eden. The jingle from the series was "Rory Rory tell us a story, Rory Rory tell it like it is ...."


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