Reference Number. 8006


An amazing collection of (17) autographs on loose pages and cards of virtually the entire cast of Bread

Jean Boht (Nellie Boswell) / Nick Conway (Billy Boswell) / Jonathon Morris (Adrian) / Kenneth Waller d2000 (Grandad) / Ronald Forfar d2020 (Freddie) / Victor McQuire (Jack) / Giles Watling (Oswald) / Bryan Murray (Shifty) / Eileen Pollock d2020 (Lilo Lill) / Peter Howitt (Joey) / Gilly Cowan d2010 (Aveline) / Pamela Power (Martina) / Melanie Hill (Aveline) / Peter Byrne d2018 (Derek) / Deborah Grant (Leonora) / Tony Scoggo (Hartley) / Helen Martin (DSS Officer)


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Certification:AFTAL Dealer No13 and UACC RD Memorabilia UK COA.
Size:Various Sized Pages / Cards / Letters.
Condition:Good. Various individual items making up the collection.

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