Dutch Swing College Band

Reference Number. 8484


An original 1958 autograph book page, clearly signed in ballpoints by The Dutch Swing College Band of the period ; Wybe Buma (trumpet) / Wim Kolstee (trombone) / Jan Morks (clarinet) / Joop Schrier (piano) / Arie Ligthart (banjo) / Martien Beenen (drums) / Bob Van Oven (bass) and Portugeuse blues singer Neva Raphaello d1975.

Suitable for mounting and display.

Sold with part of the original advertising flyer and promo-postcard.

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Certification:Part of a wonderful 1950s scrapbook containing many jazz notables of the period collected by Diana P in the Bristol area. These autographs were obtained at the Bristol Colston Hall on Sunday 21st September 1958 whilst on tour with Acker Bilk (the original flyer verifies this date and location). AFTAL Dealer No13 and UACC RD Memorabilia UK COA.
Size:16x13cm Sized Autograph Book Page. 14x11cm Sized Flyer.
Condition:Good. View Images.

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