Frankie Lymon / The Platters & Chuck Berry

Reference Number. 13050


A wonderful original Super Attractions "The Biggest In Person Show of 1956" concert programme, clearly signed inside in ink by many of the notable acts on the bill (many dedicating with addtional messages to Fred & Jay)

1) FRANKIE LYMON & THE TEENAGERS ; Frankie Lymon d1968 (best wishes) / Sherman Garnes d1977 / Joe Negroni d1978 / Jimmy Merchant (good luck) and Herman Santiago (a pleasure working with you) 

2) THE PLATTERS ; Herb Reed d2012 / David Lynch d1981 (All love Only You) / Tony Williams d1992 (Best of luck always) / Zola Taylor d2007 (Best of everything, nice working with you) PLUS pianist Rupert Branker d1961 (you are really great)     Sadly Paul Robi is missing

3) CLYDE McPHATTER d1972 ; "A treasure of Love !" Clyde McPhatter

4) THE CLOVERS ; Three group members (Matthew McQuater / Harold Winley and we think Billy Mitchell) 

5) CHUCK BERRY d2017 ; To Fred and Jay Chuck Berry 

6) BUDDY JOHNSON d1977 ; "Always the best for one of the Worlds great artists and his wife" Buddy Johnson 

7) SHIRLEY GOODMAN d2005 and LEONARD LEE d1976 signed by both 

8) THE FLAIRS ; Three members including Cornell Gunter and George Hollis 

9) HAROLD CROMER d2013 "All the best. Your hubby is the greatest from your pal" Harold Cromer

A special piece of early pop music history


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