Here Come The Huggetts

Here Come The Huggetts

HERE COME THE HUGGETTS. The first of a trio of Gainsborough Pictures (1948-1949) British films about a working class English family all directed by Ken Annakin. The main cast are factory workers Joe Huggett and his wife Ethel (the couple had been introduced a year earlier) in the film Holiday Camp (1947) with Petula Clark / Jane Hylton and Susan Shaw as their young daughters. The plot lines of this and its sequels ; Vote For Huggett and The Huggetts Abroad revolved around such trivialities as a flighty cousin (Diana Dors) who wrecks the family car / the installation of a telephone / an incursion into municipal politics and an excursion to South Africa (with a diamond smuggler as a fellow passenger) -- these were the type of light comedies that found great favour with British audiences still reeling from the impact of World War 2.  Petula Clark, who began her career as a child vocalist on BBC Radio, sang the tune "Walking Backwards" in the film

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Here Come The Huggetts

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An extraordinary collection (15) of the majority of all the main cast autographs from the three films, clearly signed on vintage autograph book pages in ink

Jack Warner d1981 (Joe Huggett) / Kathleen Harrison d1995 (Ethel Huggett) / Jane Hylton d1979 (Jane Huggett) / Susan Shaw d1978 (Susan Huggett) / Petula Clark (Pet Huggett) / Jimmy Hanley d1970 (Jimmy Gardner) / David Tomlinson d2000 (Harold Hinchley) / Diana Dors d1984 (Diana Hopkins) / Maurice Denham d2002 (1st Engineer) / Hubert Gregg d2004 (Maurice Lever) / Anthony Newley d1999 (Dudley) / Dinah Sheridan d2012 (Jane Huggett) / Hugh McDermott d1972 (Bob McCoy) / John Blythe d1989 (Gowan) and Doris Hare d2000 (Mrs Fisher)

LOOKING FOR ; Amy Veness d1960 (Grandma) / Peter Hammond d2011 (Peter Hawtrey) / Clive Morton d1975 (Mr Campbell) / Esma Cannon d1972 (Youth Leader)

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