Mahatma Gandhi

Reference Number. 10825


An extremely rare original circa 1931 cut page, clearly signed in ink by Mahatma M K Gandhi

The signed page has been left in the autograph book with a number of other autographed pages and photocards to assist with the provenance period (See Images) ; Other people include ; Gilbert Frankau (AP) / Jose Collins (PC) / Ivor Novello (PC) / Basil Sydney (AP) / Martin Harvey (AP) / Evelyn Laye (PC) / De Groot (AP) / Charlotte O'Neil (PC) / Layton & Johnstone (PC) / Jack Buchanan (AP) / Madeleine Carroll (PC) / Edna Best (PC) / Owen Nares (PC) / Tom Walls (AP) Gordon Harker (PC) / Sydney Howard (PC) / Jack Hylton (AP) / Claudette Colbert (PC) / Reginald Foort (AP) / George Arliss (AP) / Leslie Henson (PC) / Flora Robson (Note) / Cicily Courtridge (AP) / Polly Moran (AP) / Jock McKay (AP) / Shaun Glenville (AP) / Silvia Sidney (AP) / George Gee (AP) / Bruce Carfax (AP) / Bebe Daniels (PC) / Ben Lyon (AP) / Sidney Smith (AP) / C Hubert King (Poem) / Marie Tempest (AP) / Vic Oliver (AP) / Billy Milton (AP) / Fay Wray (PC)