Mutt Carey

Mutt Carey

THOMAS "PAPA MUTT" CAREY d1948. American jazz trumpeter. His early work was with brass bands in the New Orleans area. In 1914, he started working with Kid Ory and then went to California with him in 1919, eventually taking over leadership of the band in 1925. His big band "the Jeffersonians" appeared in the silent films ; The Legion of the Condemned and The Road to Ruin (1928). He rejoined Ory’s band from around 1929 to 1933 when the lack of work during the Depression led him to work as a Pullman porter. He died in California aged 56 on September 3rd 1948

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Mutt Carey

Reference Number. 14201H


A quirky original vintage 1936 Claim Sheet, clearly written and signed in ink by Thomas "Mutt" Carey

The Claim Sheet is dated January 13th 1936 against Paul Howard for 35 cents for playing at the Apex Club for two and a half weeks

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