Oliver Reed

Oliver Reed

OLIVER REED d1999. Prolific English actor known for his burly screen presence. He exemplified his real-life macho image in mainly "tough guy" roles from the 1960s including ; The Trap / Oliver / Woman In Love / Hannibal Brooks / The Triple Echo / The Devils / The Three Musketeers / Tommy / Castaway / Lion Of The Desert and Gladiator. Stories and anecdotes of his excessive drinking & brawling exploits have become legendary, but sadly in his later live his alcoholism resulted in him becoming a controversial parody of himself, often being baited during interviews. He died of a heart attack in 1999 in Malta after a drinking session aged 61, during a break from filming Gladiator.

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Oliver Reed

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An original vintage 1974 lined notebook page, clearly signed and dedicated (To Sue) in ink by Oliver Reed

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