Rory Storm

Rory Storm

RORY STORM d1972. English musician born Alan Caldwell in Liverpool. The lead-singer of Rory Storm and The Hurricanes, a Liverpudlian band who were contemporaries of The Beatles in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Ringo Starr was the drummer for the Hurricanes before joining The Beatles in August 1962. Apart from music, Storm was an excellent sportsman, interested particularly in athletics where he ran for an amateur team in Liverpool called the Pembroke Harriers. Instead of being driven home after concerts in Liverpool, he often preferred to run home. He played football regularly, was a good skater and swimmer (once swimming the 12.5 mile length of Lake Windermere). The Hurricanes produced by Brian Epstein were one of the most popular acts of the Liverpool and Hamburg club scenes during their existence. Rory Storm had all the attributes to be a major star, but the groups attempts at a recording career were unsuccessful and they never reached their full potential. When his father died, he returned from Amsterdam to Liverpool to be with his mother at Stormsville Liverpool. On September 27th 1972, Rory Storm developed a chest infection and could not sleep properly, so he took some sleeping pills. The next day he (aged just 33) and his mother were both found dead. The post mortem determined that Storm had not taken enough pills to kill himself, but it was suspected that his mother had after sadly finding her son's body.

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Rory Storm

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A rare original vintage 1962 lined exercise book page, clearly signed in ink by Rory Storm


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