Secret Affair

Secret Affair

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A rare pair of original 1982 autograph book pages, clearly signed in ballpoints by all five group members ; Ian Page (vocals) / David Cairns (guitar) / Dave Winthrop (saxophone) / Dennis Smith (bass) and Paul "Moose" Bultitude

ON THE REVERSE of one page three members of SLADE (Jim Lea / Noddy Holder and Don Powell).  Collectors notation Brighton 1982 

ON THE REVERSE of the other page six members of PIGBAG (Roger / Chris / James / Chip / Simon and Ollie). Collectors notation Top Rank Suite Brighton 1982


Collectors notation New Regent Pub Brighton 1982. One of an absolutely outstanding mostly in-person autograph collection of over 500 items obtained by JD in Brighton & London during the late 1970's to 1990s. The majority being pop music acts of the period, along with actors and entertainers. The autographs are on records / fanzine magazine photographs and autograph book pages. Many are dedicated along with messages to the collector (Jonathan) and include dates & venues where they were obtained. There is a copy of a letter from him included (if required) that details his almost obsessive collecting exploits and memories of the time. AFTAL Dealer No13 and UACC RD Memorabilia UK COA


14x10cm Sized Autograph Book Pages


Good. View Images. Minor show through from autographs on reverse of the pages


About Secret Affair

Secret Affair

SECRET AFFAIR. British mod-revival band first formed in 1978. They are best known for their UK Top 20 singles ; "Time For Action" (1979-No13) and "My World" (1980-No16).


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