Rochelle Hudson / Pat O'Brien & Joan Davis

Rochelle Hudson / Pat O'Brien & Joan Davis


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Rochelle Hudson / Pat Obrien & Joan Davis

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An original circa 1940s vintage exercise book page, clearly signed in ink by the following ;

1) ROCHELLE HUDSON d1972. American film actress of the 1930s best known for her roles in Wild Boys of The Road (1933) / Imitation of Life (1934) / Les Miserables (1935) / Poppy (1936 ) and as Natalie Woods mother in the James Dean Classic "Rebel Without a Cause" (1955). She died of pneumonia aged just 55 in 1972

2) PAT O'BRIEN d1983. Irish American film actor who made over 100 films often playing Cops and Priests (alongside James Cagney nine times) including the 1938 classic  ;"Angels with Dirty Faces". Other notable roles include Some Like It Hot and Knute Rockne

3) JOAN DAVIS d1961. American comedy film and radio actress best known for the 1952-1955 TV series "I Married Joan" and Hold That Ghost (with Abbott and Costello in 1941)

4) TRUDY ERWIN. American 1940s vocalist with Kay Kyser Orchestra

5) Fifth signature unknown. Please inform me if you recognise it !


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