Belles of St Trinians

Belles of St Trinians

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An extraordinary collection of 14 signatures on autograph book pages in ink & ballpoints of all the main cast of the film ; Alastair Sim d1976 (Headmistress Millicent Fritton & her twin brother Clarence Fritton) / Joyce Grenfell d1979 (Sergeant Ruby Gates) / George Cole d2015 (Flash Harry) / Hermione Baddeley d1986 (Miss Drownder) / Betty Ann Davies d1955 (Miss Waters) / Renee Houston d1980 (Miss Brimmer) / Beryl Reid d1996 (Miss Wilson) / Irene Handl d1987 (Miss Gale) / Mary Merrall d1973 (Miss Buckland) / Joan Sims d2001 (Miss Dawn) / Guy Middleton d1973 (Eric Rowbottom-Smith) / Richard Wattis d1975 (Manton Bassett) / Jack Doyle d1978 (Horse Trainer) and Jerry Verno d1975 (Alf The Bookmaker). PLUS a rare original 1995 Comic Strip Classics stamped First Day Cover (dated & signed with a doodle in ink) by the creator of St Trinians, the British artist and satirical cartoonist Ronald Searle d2011.

Suitable for mounting and display with photographs. Contact me if you would like us to do this for you.

An exceptional, possibly unique collection of autographed British vintage film memorabilia with all the main cast deceased. Many of the autographs are rare in their own right ; notably those of Alastair Sim (who was well known as a difficult signer) and Betty Ann Davies (who died aged just 44 in 1955 following an operation)


On vintage (circa 1950s) autograph book pages in ink, ballpoint & pencil ; Alastair Sim / Beryl Reid / George Cole / Hermione Baddeley / Irene Handl / Guy Middleton / Mary Merrall / Richard Wattis / Joan Sims / Jack Doyle (dedicated to Bill Holland) / Betty Ann Davies / Jerry Verno. On a 1952 postal card Joyce Grenfell (adding a superb face doodle with good wishes from). Mary Merrall on an original 1949 handwritten thank you letter on headed paper. AFTAL Dealer No13 and UACC RD Memorabilia UK COA


Various sizes ; the majority of pages are around 13x10cm size.


All signatures are good and clear. See images.


About Belles of St Trinians

Belles of St Trinians

BELLES of ST TRINIANS. British 1954 London Films comedy set at St. Trinian's School for Young Girls (created by Ronald Searle) and possibly the most infamous school in the world. The girls are involved in seemingly every criminal activity from arson to making illicit gin. It was filmed at Shepperton Studios and Oakley Court Windsor. The plot surrounds the start of a new term ; an Arabian sultan has sent his daughter Fatima to the school, pleased that it is in the same county as where his horses are stabled. The head-mistress of the school (Millicent Fritton Alistair Sim) is in a lot of trouble as the school is heavily in debt. She has had to accept back her expelled niece (Arabella) in order to get some of her bookmaker brother Clarence's money. After discovering how good the sultan's new horse (Arab Boy) is, Clarence organises for it to be kidnapped by his daughter's gang so that he does not lose too much in the Gold Cup. However, with Princess Fatima's £100 placed on the horse to win (in order to clear the school's debts) and a number of girls having made bets of their own, it's the staff and 4th form vs the 6th form to keep - or return - Arab Boy in time for the race.


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